Hyderabad, the capital of Andhra Pradesh was founded in the late 6th century by Qutab Shahi dynasty line of Kings known for their beautiful monuments and mosques, Medieval Indian, Saracenic, Mughal and Colonial architecture which, create an architectural richness rarely found in other parts of the country.
Tirupati is one of the important pilgrim centre in India. It is famous for the shrine of the seven hills, dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara, of Tirumala- 13 kms. The principal deity of this temple is Lord Venkateswara also known as Balaji. The temple is a masterpiece of Dravidian architecture with its gopuram facing east. The vimana is completely covered with gold plate and this is known as Ananda Nilayam.
Vijayawada or the "City of Victory" as it literally translates is called so as it was here or so it is believed that Arjuna, the Pandava Prince was rewarded for his penance, which he did on Indrakiladri Hill. Today, with excellent communications, perhaps the best in the South where railways are concerned, Vijayawada is looking forward to an exciting future.
Andhra Travel Guide
Hyderabad – Ramoji Film City
Duration: 1 Night  2 Days

Day1: Dep 9 p.m. to Hyderabad
Day2: Dep 9 a.m. to Film City, sight seeing
Day3: Dep 8.30 a.m. to Hyderabad sight seeing
Hyderabad – Ramoji Film City - Srisailam
Duration: 3 Night  4 Days

Day1: Dep 9 p.m. to Hyderabad
Day2: Film City, sight seeing
Day3: Dep 9 a.m. to Srisailam Temple
Day4: After sight seeing Dep to Hyderabad
Day5: Dep 9 a.m. proceed to Hyderabad sight seeing
Tirupathi Balaji Darshan
Duration: 1 Night  2 Days

Day1: Bangalore Dep 9 p.m. Visit Padmavathi Temple and Tirumala (Lord Balaji Darshan)
Day2: Arrival Bangalore at 9 p.m.













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