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    IVF Success Rate | Statistics
    Feb' 2012
      IVF | ET  55%
      IVF | ICSI | ET  42%

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  •  75%
      Freezing  70%
    Overall Success Rate = 62.8%
     Embryo | Sperm | Egg Donors India
    Mr.& Mrs. Douglas have undergone IVF Treatment at Infertility Fertility IVF Clinics India IVF Successful Couples India

    “Thank You for helping to make what seemed like An impossible dream come true for us”
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    Step - 1
    Go through the website and gain knowledge about fertility, infertility & IVF Treatment etc.
    Step -2
    Send your reports and your questions for free second opinion.
    Step - 3
    We thoroughly study your reports and give you professional expertise opinion regarding your problem of infertility. we also advise you how to achieve pregnancy fast.
    Step - 4
    Once you make a decision to take treatment contact us and fix an appointment.
    Step - 5
    Your first visit
    Day 3 of Menstrual Cycle (Come on fasting, 3 days abstinance period)
    Your second visit
    13 th day of women's menstrual cycle, needs to stay 3 days.
    Your third visit
    Treatment one : Super Ovulation and timing of intercourse for 3 months.
    Treatment Two
    Intra Uterine Insemination (either husband or donor) for three months.
    Treatment Three
    Diagnostic / Operative endoscopy (Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy)
    Treatment Four
    Three more IUI Cycles if endoscopic results are normal.
    Treatment Five
    ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology) IVF - ET, ICSI.
    Treatment Six
    Donation oocyte (egg), sperm, embryo, surrogacy.
    Note : Any of the above treatments are selected depending upon the evaluation of couple.

    We proudly announce babies born in our hospitals are healthy, highly intelligent and affectionate.

      Treatments Available at our new gre practice test free :  
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    Low sperm Count Treatment in India
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    Our Clinics have had the privilege to render Infertility IVF treatment to infertile couples from every state of windows 7 s folder opens slowly and in different countries ...
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